What is Lymphatic Drainage Massage

For those asking the question – what is Lymphatic drainage massage?

A short answer would be; it is a process of gentle massage that can encourage movement in the lymph fluids and around the body.

The process removes the toxins and waste from the bodily tissue and it helps to prevent other types of health effects.

Lymphatic drainage massage can help people with lymphedema, fibromyalgia and other health conditions.

The benefits of these massages can manage the condition and the conditions can be improved by using the right process.

Simple Steps for Lymphatic Massage

These are some of the simple steps involved. You can improve lymphatic massage with an essential oil massage oil.

Firstly, it is usually best to have a registered therapist or physiotherapist to guide you through the process.

Using the process well can make ensure that you will not strain your muscles while still accessing great results.

Start by keeping the hands relaxed; do not massage areas infected or being treated for cancer. Work on your breathing throughout and rest between breaths.

Furthermore, prepare the front of the neck by placing index fingers on either side of the collarbone, stretch the skin inward towards the middle of the collarbone.

Work along the side of the neck by placing the palm of each hand on the side of the neck below the ears and move hands down and back.

Move to the back of the neck placing the palms on the hairline and sliding hands together down toward the spine. Move to the underarms cupping the palm under the armpit and pumping palms upward toward the body.

Go for the upper knees and place hands behind the knee pointing fingers towards each other, pump the back of the knee and press hands into the back of the knee rolling them upwards.

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